Can Chocolate Really Satisfy A Woman’s Sexual Desire?

Chocolate in advertisement isn’t always about the consumption of specific chocolate brands. In certain cases, like this advertisement for Lux soap, chocolate is used to portray certain stereotypes that are associated around chocolate. “Adverts offer us ways of using commodities such as chocolate to say things about ourselves, our families, our social world. They also position us in relation to that product as gendered, classed and raced beings” (Robertson, 19). Gender and chocolate have been a common theme in the sense that women have been objectified and portrayed and being seduced through chocolate. It is a major theme in advertisements to have women being seduced by chocolate according to Professor Martin’s Lecture 16. The consumption of chocolate in the “west became feminized early in its history. From the male-dominated coffee and chocolate houses of the seventeenth century, chocolate became associated with luxury and leisure in the domestic sphere from the eighteenth century” (Robertson, 20). The association with women and chocolate is exemplified through this Indian advertisement for Lux.

Chocolate Seduction
Chocolate Seduction  (

In this advertisement, women are clearly the main targets for this specific product. Labeled as “chocolate seduction,” this ad depicts a woman covered in chocolate and staring seductively at the audience. This highlights a woman’s need for this chocolate seduction soap in order to feel sexy and attract men. The fact that the woman is covered in chocolate and the choice in words used in the advertisement focuses on the aesthetic appeal of attraction and sexiness for women. The slogan of the advertisement states, “Skindulgence. Indulge your skin with New Lux Chocolate Seduction Soap. Rich with real cocoa cream and strawberry vitamins. It nourishes your skin and leave it looking deliciously gorgeous. Chocolate Seduction is a special offering from Lux, a part of our Celebration Range to make 75 years of stardom. Lux Chocolate Seduction.” Words such as “deliciously gorgeous” and “chocolate seduction” focuses on the appeal of women being sexy and attractive for men. By using chocolate in this advertisement, it becomes associated to pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction. Through this analysis of chocolate branded advertisements, one is able to gather how “sex is routinely in referenced in chocolate marketing. Advertisers have mystified the commodity, portraying it as an intoxicant possessing the power to comfort, reward and satisfy sexual desires. In particular, advertisers portray chocolate as satisfying female sexual desires. Advertisements depicting a beautiful woman savoring chocolate lead female viewers to understand their own chocolate desires and consumption as natural expression of their attractive femininity” (Fahim, 2010).

To respond to such an objectifying soap advertisement that clearly focuses on the seduction of women by chocolate, we decided to rebrand the advertisement by focusing on the actual health benefits of the soap rather than the aesthetic appeal in may give. The new logo would be “Chocolate Lux: Giving your skin a healthy new look”. Here, the advertisement would focus on the benefits of cocoa butter for the skin rather than advertising how it would make one feel sexy. The new advertisement would feature a man and woman since the rebranding of Lux soap is meant to highlight the health benefits of the soap, so both genders would be included.

Chocolate Lux: Giving your Skin a Healthy New Look

Rebranding Chocolate Lux Advertisement
Rebranding Chocolate Lux Advertisement

In this rebranding of Lux, a man and woman are next to each other with out showing any interest in each other apart from the soap because the main point of the rebranding is to keep it health oriented rather than sexualized.


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