The Taste Of Success

The Taste Of Success


          Chocolate advertisements as marketing includes concepts of race, class, gender, and the exploitation of women as sexual objects instead of dignified humans. The advertisement by Cadbury claims that its Bournville brand of chocolate is what society’s elite classes including Gods choose to consume despite the fact that Forbes, which one of the most popular publications that executives read, rates Socola Chocolatier as the top fine chocolate brand. The questions of who, what, where, why, and when regarding these advertisements are answered in order to prove that Socola Chocolatier is the brand chosen by the “elite” or executives with wealth. Thus, this argument will focus on advertisements directed at class. Much of advertising is propaganda so the consumer will buy the product.




The first advertisement is from the chocolate manufacturer Cadbury. Cadbury claims that its chocolate is “the food of the Gods and other top management”. This claim is based on the matter of fact that Cadbury is a popular chocolate manufacturer. Chocolate was linked directly to European imperialism; implying links to royalty as it was the monarchies, seen as top most elite classes of society that ordered European colonization of the West Indies around the 15th century.[2] This specific advertisement was published by “Oglivy and Mather Advertising” based out of Mumbai, India in January 2009.[3] The illustrator Masters Blasters and Creative Director Siddhartha Dutta defines the term Theobroma Cacao as “food of the gods” as translated in Latin in the advertisement to persuade customers that this chocolate is even higher than royalty but divine.

[4]cadbury bournville

(Cadbury Bournville Advertisement)

[5]socola chocolatier

(Socola Chocolatier Advertisement)


The second advertisement is from the chocolate manufacturer Socola Chocolatier. The advantage in the company’s advertisement is that it does not talk about its product but lets one of the most credible sources in the world for the social elite class to rank its product. Forbes describes Socola Chocolatier as one of the finest chocolate brands available in the market today with various combination of products.[6] There is no date for the article available directly on the website but one can assume it is more recent than the advertisement by Cadbury since the source code for the article reveals that it was published in 2014. This specific advertisement was also published under the jurisdiction of the government of India at my residence in Scottsdale, Arizona via networked Microsoft Imaging Products. To persuade customers, I have specifically introduced text specifying how the chocolate is “exquisite” as the term is commonly associated with class as well as displaying the prima facie fact of how Forbes ranks the manufacturer.

One may wonder if Bournville is associated with the divine due to the fact that the product is derived from Theobroma Cacao, it must be also realized that the same applies to products of Socola Chocolatier. This is because Socola Chocolatier prepares all forms of chocolate, thus making it equally the “food of the Gods”.[7] Therefore, equality between Cadbury’s Bournville and products of Socola Chocolatier is established with regards to its products being divine foods. Second in point, Bournville’s advertisement claims that its product is for “other top management” in the hierarchy of social order. Where is the matter of fact to base this claim? On the other hand, Socola Chocolatier has a strong claim to be a supplier of chocolate for the class of “other top management” due to the reputation of Forbes as a credible source for financial information by Encyclopedia Britannica including the matter of fact that it frequently ranks top billionaires, companies, executives, and so forth.[8] Therefore, the presumptions and claims made by Cadbury on its product cannot be rejected but Socola Chocolatier’s advertisement exhibit a clear advantage in marketing to the elite classes of society. The advertisement by Cadbury claims that its Bournville brand of chocolate is the primary chocolate that society’s elite class choose to consume despite the fact that Forbes which one of the most popular publications that executives read rates Socola Chocolatier as the top fine chocolate brand.

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